Author Bio

Trinket Mason was born in Orlando, Florida and spent many of her adult years in Bolton Landing and the surrounding  Lake George region.  She loved being on the lake as she had grown up on water in Florida.  This love for the water is what created her love for the structures built to house the boats on the lake, bringing about her concept of The Boathouses of Lake George.  She now spends her summers in the Lake George region and winters in Sanford, Florida where she grew up.   

She was introduced to the beauty of Lake George the winter of 1986 and in the summer of 1987 reintroduced on an antique electric launch. Cruising on the lake after a hard nights work in total silence was next to heaven. In the years to follow, she was lucky to have access to the lake on another wonderful electric launch. Her vision for this book has been evolving for about fifteen years and has finally come to fruition.

Trinket Mason Head Shot